Wheel Loader Scale

The SUMMIT loader scale allows you to know the weight of your total load at all times

Therefore, no more adding and subtracting.



It will increase your profitability and maximize your return on investment. Designed in  our new research and development center, the SUMMIT incorporates the highest performance components available. Compact, it doesn’t obstruct the operator’s vision.Intuitive, it allows a quick understanding, thus optimizing your working time.

Its color screen allows easy understanding of the functions, while making it pleasant to use.

The angle sensors allows you to know at all times the weight in the bucket, in order to finalize  loading quickly. They also allow better accuracy when loading in slope. As a bonus, you will not have to worry about additions and subtractions anymore since they are obsolete with the SUMMIT. You always have the desired result on screen: the weight in the bucket, the weight in the truck and the weight of the total load (truck + bucket).

Generally, our customers do more loads than with any other device. Who says more loads says more profit for you.

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  • Protection against dust and water (IP67) (Except the data collection system and the printer)
  • Accurate to within 1/2″ or better
  • Accepts a nominal voltage of 10V to 30V
  • Draws a current of at most 4A with the printer and data collection system
  • Dynamic weighing and continuous indication of weight using the inclinometer
  • The inclinometer allows simple use of a fork, grapple or other tool
  • Locking with an administrator’s code to prevent misadjustment of the system
  • 2 distinct calibrations
  • 20 clients and 12 materials
  • Zeroing system
  • Loading history
  • Bilingual system
  • Cancellation of last bucket
  • Automatic or manual addition
  • Personalization of the adding point
  • Personalization of the printed report
  • Distinctive audible alarm
  • Work unit available as lb, kg, t (tonne)
  • Detailed manual explaining the full configuration of the system
  • Screen heat below 16°C
  • Graphical on-screen display allowing the system to be understood and read
  • Adjustable harness protected against fire and wear by a protective sheath

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