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Next-generation range limiting device

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Dynamic displays | ultra compact case | Self diagnostic

The range limiting LIMIT-PRO device simplifies the visualization of zones and the self-diagnostic of potential failures. If necessary, you can attach the GUIDE-PRO and the reference laser.

The range limiting LIMIT-PRO device for excavator (shovel) is the most advanced system to date. It defines the danger zones very quickly with its color screen and functionality for images.

It is easy now easy to protect yourself, even if you are a new user or you have not used the system for some time. With simple patterns, understanding usage has now become intuitive.

With this device, you can leverage your investment by adding the GUIDE-PRO system (2D excavation).

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  • Instant display
  • Ultra-compact housing
  • Self-diagnostic
  • GUIDE-PRO option available
  • Water and dust-resistance (IP67)
  • Complies with the CSST’s safety code for construction works
  • Accepts a nominal voltage of 10V to 30V
  • Draws a current of at most 3A Motion cut (lock out) dependent on the excavator’s movement speed
  • Graphical on-screen display allowing the system to be understood and read
  • Dynamic positioning of the excavator on-screen in relation to the zone display
  • Flexible placement of system components
  • Detachable system for protection against theft
  • Simple configuration that may be carried out by the operator
  • Detailed manual explaining the full configuration of the system
  • Bilingual system
  • Height and rotation limits available
  • Prohibited zone for rotation Up to 3 simultaneous height zones
  • Protection against vibrations
  • Distinctive audible alarm when zone limits are approached
  • Adjustable harness protected against fire and wear by a protective sheath
  • Deutsch and M12 connector
  • CAN bus communication
  • Screen heat below 16°C
  • Inclinometer accurate to within 0.1°
  • Optional depth indicator
  • Accurate to within 1/2″
  • Simultaneous use with limiting device
  • Compatible with all
  • Eco-Trak Limiting devices

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