2D digging system for excavator

GUIDE-PRO for Excavators

DISCOVER The 2D Excavation System for Excavators with GUIDE-PRO reference laser!

We’ve pushed the engineering of traditional systems to provide a product that allows you to recover your investment. All our clients agree; with the GUIDE-PRO, productivity and cost effectiveness are increased significantly.

The base of our system is technically similar to a GPS system: three angle sensors are installed on the excavator to measure the displacement of the bucket teeth tips, regardless of the position of the mast of the boom or the bucket.

* Screen changes color 15 cm before reaching the target
* Changes to green when the target is reached
* Changes to red with sound and light signals when target is passed

Less taking measurements, Less filling, Lower costs, Higher productivity!

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2D Excavation System







  • Sealing against dust and water (IP67)
  • Respects the security code for the construction of the CSST
  • Accept a nominal voltage between 10V and 30V
  • current consumption of up to 3A
  • Cut preventive controls according to the excavator movement speed
  • graphic display screen via an easy comprehension and reading system
  • Dynamic positioning of the excavator to the report in the areas of screen display
  • Location of versatile system elements
  • detachable system for protection against theft
  • Simple configuration effectuated by the operator
  • Detailed manual explaining the complete system configuration
  • Bilingual system
  • A prohibited area of rotation
  • Up to 3 simultaneous height zones
  • Protection against vibration
  • Limitation available on the height and on the rotation
  • distinct audible alarm in the approach areas
  • adjustable harness with a protective sheath against the heat and wear
  • Deutsch connector and M12
  • Communication CAN-BUS
  • Heated screen under 16 ° Celsius
  • lnclinomètre with accuracy of 0.1 °
  • depth indicator optional
  • ½ precision “
  • simultaneous use with the limiter
  • Compatible with Eco-Limit +

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